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See-through window cleaning: and much more…

You may well know BM Cleaning Services as possibly the best window cleaners Edinburgh has to offer: but did you see through to the other important services that they offer?

It’s always obvious when your windows need attention – you can of course see the problem, when what you really want is to be unaware of your windows. When it comes to other aspects of your home (or business premises) the need can be less obvious: you see your patios and driveways outside, and your carpeting inside, and you take them for granted. This can be a costly and possibly dangerous mistake. Out of sight should not be out of mind…

Driveway Cleaning Edinburgh Service

Look beyond the state of your windows: when did you last critically appraise the condition of your paths and driveway?

Are they looking tired? Concrete is prone to staining and streaking and generally looking old and unloved. Patterned concrete can look really effective but those indentations harbour dirt and moss, given half a chance.

While setts or bricks often become slippery and dangerous to walk upon, and their grouting is usually soft sand that allows plants to grow and lichen to flourish: these will exploit even the smallest crack.

The solution (literally) lies in the nozzles of the powerful jet wash machines used by the BM Cleaning Services team. Using environmentally responsible but effective cleaners in their mix, they bring your driveways back to prime condition.

And as professionals, they know how to handle power – it is all too easy to use too much on the wrong spot and damage surfaces, if you do not know what you are doing. But with Ben Martin’s team, Edinburgh driveway cleaning has never been in such good hands.

Carpet Cleaning – in Hot Water

When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaner Edinburgh home owners may be unaware that they have an important choice to make.

You can just elect to clean the carpets yourself or get someone in to wield the vacuum cleaner: but that will simply not get the job done. If you value your carpets – and given how much they cost and the difference a good carpet makes to a home, then you really should – you need to go further.

The variety of fauna that breed in your carpet if you let them get established will be able to withstand mere vacuuming. And they cannot be left to their own devices while they are chewing your carpet and creating dust that is dangerous to your health. If you have pets, the problem is all the greater.

What you need is hot water: the sort used in the specialist machinery of BM Cleaning Services. It really gets down to business, for a proper deep-down clean.

So when you are booking your window cleaning service, be sure to book the best Edinburgh carpet cleaning team on the same number – 07522 895 138.

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