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Before and after floor cleaning

When you are professional carpet cleaners, you soon become used to the sight of post-party house carpeting – and it’s rarely a pretty picture.

Imagine how much worse it gets in commercial premises. We’ve all visited pubs where your shoes stick to the floor, and we can probably appreciate why many companies opt for patterned carpet designs in an attempt to conceal the worst of the stains.

Floor before carpet cleaning
But here’s a case history where the challenge for Ben Martin’s BM Cleaning Services in Edinburgh was even greater. In the relatively confined space of a Leith-berthed party boat, there were plain carpets that showed every mark, every spilt Irn-Bru or worse – and after a particularly rowdy office party, Ben Martin’s carpet cleaning A-Team were called in to survey the damage.

To be fair, the manager of the boat had already written off the carpets as being ruined and beyond help, but he thought he might as well get a second opinion.

This is the ‘before’ scene – it doesn’t really do justice to the true sticky hell of the surface, but you can see the staining on the light grey area.

Floor after carpet cleaningUndeterred, the BM Cleaning Services deep carpet cleaning team got to work with their hot water extraction system, sucking out the alcohol and more unsavoury ingredients, while preserving and renovating the fabric of the carpets and mats. You can see an example of the result in the ‘after’ picture here.

Note the lovely fresh unblemished carpet. The manager said it was nothing less than a ‘miracle’.

The boat’s flooring now looks like new – until the next big party… But don’t bet against BM Cleaning Services and their equipment – they are a considerable force to be reckoned with.

They are always up for a challenge, so for extreme (or normal) Edinburgh carpet cleaning call them on 07522 895 138.

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