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Cowboy Carpet Cleaners raise a stink…

What have we done for you lately? Well, we’ve been lifting the rug on rogue traders.

To be specific, we’ve been really busy righting the wrongs done to householders by cowboy so-called carpet cleaners. In fact, if BBC Scotland wants to get in touch with us at BM Cleaning Services, there could be a new reality TV programme in this. ‘Carpet SOS’, maybe?

We’ve taken 3 phone calls just in the last month as a result of disastrous results of unprofessional cleaning carried out by others in people’s houses.

Underflooring destroyed by cowboy carpet cleanersPictured here is one example. We took the call from a lady who said she had a horrible smell coming from a carpet after it had been ‘cleaned’. We noticed evidence of damp under the carpet (very strange considering it was cleaned 2 weeks prior to that). Pulling back the carpet, we uncovered the underlay in this shocking condition. (Note that it is not an old underlay).

It had become over-saturated to such a point that mould and fungus were growing unchecked. This created an absolute stench in the house, as you can imagine.

Costly mistake

At this point the lady realised that nothing less that a complete replacement was needed – the fitted carpet and underlay had to be lifted and replaced, and the bill came to over £700. Could she get the money back from the offenders? What do you think? All as a result of using an apparently cheap carpet cleaning contractor!

The message from this and too many other true stories is that you must choose your carpet cleaners wisely. Do not be seduced by ‘too-cheap’ prices – they can spell disaster. If a deal seems too good to be true – it is.

Leave wet carpet cleaning where it should be – with the Edinburgh carpet cleaning professionals, i.e. BM Cleaning Services.

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