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Power Washing that cleans deep down

Remember the days when washing powder adverts continually trumpeted even whiter whites than ever before, as if they had invented some new wonder formula every few months?

Well, with the advent of power washing Edinburgh has had a true facelift – the technology has brought about the sort of genuine revolution in outside surface cleaning that puts washing machines to shame. Buildings, driveways, walls, patios – even if they have decades of grime coating them, then properly-handled power washing will transform them – often to an ‘as new’ condition.

But as leading contractors BM Cleaning Services – the domestic and commercial Edinburgh driveway cleaning specialists – will soon tell you, the key words above are ‘properly handled’. Too many people think that they can buy a DIY model power washer and simply blast away at their unsuspecting drive – only to find to their horror that all the grouting has been broken away and an expensive repair bill is about to come…

Others (and this writer is one such) have found to their cost that it is all too easy to let DIY washers run dry, and the motor burns out almost instantaneously. That can leave you £100 – £200 poorer with a voided warranty and nothing to show for it.

Do you know your surfaces?

Another danger comes from not knowing what sort of surface you are dealing with. In Edinburgh, for example, Ben Martin and his team know like the back of their hands the different types of stone, brick, concrete and render finishes – which are suitable for power washing, which are not, and which require delicate treatment. Homeowners, like cowboy builders, are unlikely to have the knowledge that is required if they are to avoid ruinous mistakes.

How much difference can the BM Cleaning Services team make? Well, look at this latest ‘before and after’ scene in a residential driveway, to see how concrete setts were transformed from slimy, dirty and dangerous: to safe, family friendly and fresh.

Dirty driveway before a power-wash

Before the Power-wash

Clean driveway after a power-wash

After the Power-wash

Wouldn’t you like the same sort of immediate difference? And just how long is it since your paths, drive or garden walls got a proper makeover? Never? Well maybe now is the time for that spring clean, not just inside your home but equally importantly, outside where people first see it.

And if you have suffered a graffiti ‘tag’ on a wall, you will know the importance of removing it promptly before the menace spreads. Here again BM Cleaning Services are the Edinburgh graffiti removal experts to trust.

Power washing really does get down to the nitty gritty – it seeks out crevices and gives a deep clean that is unmatched by other methods, and it can often be done without chemicals being used. A well-trained operator can work wonders; so get the job done properly and get what the old soap powder adverts used to call a ‘deep down clean’.

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