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Guttering under the weather: Gutter cleaning

In and around Edinburgh, as elsewhere, the weather has been the major topic of conversation for most of us for what seems like months. The effects on the structure of buildings have been severe – high winds and driving rain have taken their toll on roof tiles, dislodging and sending many flying.

What is often overlooked is the effect on your guttering. This has been taking a hammering from the excessive flows of water, damage from falling tiles, and a much greater than usual supply of winter leaf fall, twigs and branches, and moss that has been driven off roofs.

Let it Flow: Gutter cleaning

It is all too easy for the down-pipe to get blocked with all the run-off that the gutters are having to deal with. This can cause water to cascade all over the brickwork or plaster of the wall, leading to serious damage from penetrating damp.

Meanwhile the wind and flying debris may easily have warped your gutter alignment. It can have developed sagging sections that will hold water and rather than running away, it will overflow onto your building as well as soaking those passing below.

Ben Martin Cleaning Services – on top of things…

Modern buildings tend to have pvc gutters, which are light and relatively low maintenance: however their lightness can cause warping when a load of moss starts sprouting and turns into a mini gutter-garden. The plastic supports can also crack and give way under strain.

If you have a period property then you may have a cast iron guttering system, which requires regular inspection to alert you to corrosion or cracking, which after the winter frost and ice is all too likely. Fortunately BM Cleaning Services of Edinburgh has all the equipment needed to access even the most difficult roof alignments, from the simple ladder through to mobile scaffold towers and ‘cherry picker’ lifting platforms.

You should certainly not be tempted to try this at your own home. Working at height is innately dangerous and should only be carried out by trained, insured, expert contractors armed with the right hardware.

Spring Clean Up Above: Gutter cleaning

Nobody wants to play host to an unintended roof garden, and if you see the tell-tale signs of grass or flowers sprouting from your gutter, then it is overdue for attention. Spring is coming (we hope) and with it comes the need to repair the heavy damage wrought by this winter’s weather.

It is very likely that your windows are overdue for a Spring clean, having taken a hammering from so much rain: every raindrop forms itself around a small piece of grit so it is no wonder that smeariness soon develops on an uncleaned window pane.

Of course the people to call for Edinburgh window cleaning are the experts at BM Cleaning Services: and while you are calling, ask for an up-top Spring clean of your roof gutters. You owe it to your poor battered home.

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