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Cleaning up a Storm in Edinburgh with Storm carpet cleaner

At BM Cleaning Services, we know that professional carpet cleaning is a very different operation to simply using your domestic vacuum cleaner, or even your wet cleaner if you happen to have one.

That is why our Edinburgh carpet cleaning operation is based on the use of trained operatives, working with heavy-duty tools that clean seemingly impossible carpets and rugs, while keeping their structure and beauty intact. But don’t take our word for it – see what customers are saying about us via TrustPilot. Here is just one example:


You couldn’t spot the difference!

Following an accident between a mirror and an 84 year old man, our cream bedroom carpet was suffering with a dose of dried blood syndrome! Despite repeated attempts by ourselves with good old Vanish and 1001 cleaner, the blood stains remained. Ben and his team came out promptly and got to work on it and after 2 separate visits to clean and then bleach the carpet, it looks almost as good as new! Thanks Ben for all your efforts. No need to spend a lot more on a new carpet now!


As this happy client has said, it is often possible to save a fortune on new carpets by using our services, thus paying back our reasonable charges many times over.

Been there, done that…

If you think, like the aforementioned person originally did, that your carpet challenge might defeat all comers – then you have reckoned without BM Cleaning Services and our machinery. We’ve seen it all, believe us.

Storm carpet cleaner

And now we have a new weapon in our armoury. Called the Storm, it is a top-of-the-range British-made industrial carpet cleaner that delivers an incredible 800psi of water pump pressure, and powerful vacuum suction, to every near-inaccessible place. It works from a central unit in our van, or can be brought indoors: and it powers long hose runs that will take us anywhere around your house or commercial building carpets.

Expect to see even more positive comments from our Edinburgh carpet cleaning customers as the Storm gets to work…

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