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News from the Edinburgh Gutter Press

When tabloid newspapers rake the muck they are of course described as ‘gutter press’, for the way they wade around in the muck below.

But there is more than one type of gutter and there is a higher calling – and it is to be found in the intrepid work of Ben Martin and his good people at BM Cleaning Services, who carry out the sort of gutter cleaning Edinburgh properties deserve.


Fallout Issues

Once they have gone to work, there will be no more gutter horrors to see or experience, such as –

  1. Fauna and flora growing from your guttering
  2. Silt build-up leading to blockages
  3. Overflows from sagging gutters due to the weight of debris
  4. Grit and grime sediment washed off from concrete roof tiles

These are just some primary fall-out effects (literally in many cases) but if you are tempted to economise on gutter maintenance, you should also consider the secondary effects, which can be very pernicious, unsightly and extremely costly.

Once you let gutters deteriorate, you tend to cause corrosion or erosion to the guttering material, be it iron, aluminium or plastic, as well as the fixings. This leads to premature failure and the loss of water. The consequences can include –

  1. Staining to gutters, downpipes and walls
  2. Replacement costs for guttering system
  3. Repainting
  4. Penetrating damp in walls
  5. Reduction in property value


Don’t Pour Money Away

For any property owner, these are serious matters. The reasonable cost of engaging BM Cleaning Services pales into insignificance when compared with the capital cost and disruption caused by having to replace a guttering system and repair damp-ravaged walls (the internal plaster alone can take a long tine to dry out and repairs will involve raking out old plaster-work, re-plastering and redecorating over a period of months).

Before you know it, the leaf fall season will be upon us and BM’s Edinburgh gutter cleaning services will be in heavy demand. We suggest that you book your appointment now, to be sure of a quiet life – for it never rains, but it pours from the leaks in badly-treated guttering.

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