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It’s Autumn – you’ll find us up in the gutter…

Autumn guttering

Ah, Autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Except in America, where they call it by the less poetic name of Fall. Ever wonder why?

Well, for our team at BM Cleaning Services there is no need to wonder. We only need to peer inside the content of the average gutter as we carry our annual Edinburgh guttering services rounds, to discover fallen material of all kinds.

Expect your neglected gutters to contain a wide range of leaf fall and other nasties, including –

  1. Moss
  2. Twigs and branches
  3. Self-seeded plants
  4. Birds’ nests
  5. Grit and mud from roof tiles

Trust our team to get to grips with all of the above and leave the gutters in a state to cope with the rigours of winter and the whole year ahead.

Forewarned is Forearmed

It usually takes an in-depth, and up-high inspection by our experts to establish the state of the gutters – are they badly deflected? Are they therefore holding standing water, and maybe overflowing onto the walls?

Typical structural problems with your gutters include (in the case of plastic systems) cracks, brittle material and failed junctions: or (if you have traditional metal gutters) rust and holes.

In the event of any of these issues affecting you, then wouldn’t you rather be warned and able to take action now, to avoid damage to your property? BM Cleaning Services thinks so.

Time for a Clean Getaway

It will not have escaped your notice that the Edinburgh weather has changed and it won’t get any better as the year closes. All that rain and future snow has to go somewhere and it should be in an uninterrupted flow through your downpipes. The only way to ensure that is to book a slot with the BM Cleaning Services team now, before your neighbours have completely filled up their diary.

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