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Deep Cleaning Commercial Kitchens in Scotland – by Law

Commercial kitchen fire

One of a chef’s nightmares is a fat fire in a pan. It is all too easy for this to start. Yet there is a more hidden, but potentially deadly fire danger, lurking in every commercial kitchen.

It is therefore not surprising that the Government is preparing to legislate in 2015 on health and safety deep cleaning measures that must be taken in catering premises. If you are not already taking the recommended measures by contracting with a professional, certified cleaning firm to have a regular-interval deep clean of your cooker hoods and ductwork, or you don’t know what the appropriate service interval is for your operation, then you need to get on the phone to BM Cleaning Services. They can issue the HVCA TR/19 hygiene certificate all around Scotland for cleaning commercial kitchen extraction equipment.

So for restaurant and commercial catering kitchens – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen –extractor cleaning means Ben Martin and his BM Cleaning Services specialist units.

What’s the Risk?

You don’t need to believe us. What follows is an extract from a briefing to kitchen owners from the London Fire Brigade in conjunction with LB Hammersmith & Fulham:

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  • London Fire Brigade is called to many fires which start in the kitchen extraction systems and ductwork of businesses like pubs, cafés, restaurants and hotels.
  • There is one fire a day. Many of these fires are due to inadequate maintenance and cleaning.
  • You can reduce fire risks by carrying out regular cleaning of your kitchen extraction and ventilation systems.
  • Grease build up causes an environmental health hazard by providing a breeding ground for bacteria.

Fire risks

  1. Filters cannot remove all traces of grease and dirt from the air. Over time, a layer of grease and dirt builds up on the surfaces of ventilation ducts, canopies and extractor fans. This is a major fire risk.
  2. Fires within ductwork are very difficult to stop. Ductwork is often inaccessible, and fire may break out of the ductwork into other buildings. Damage is often serious and businesses are forced to close.
  3. It takes six months to recover from a fire and many businesses do not re-open.

There is no reason to think that Scottish kitchens are any different to those in London – so be proactive, and protect your business. Arrange a scheduled visit, at a time to suit your operation, with follow-up deep cleans at the correct interval. BM Cleaning Services Scotland will advise, and quote you. It could be a lifesaver.

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