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Edinburgh’s new commercial kitchen cleaning base

commercial kitchen cleaning  by Ben Martin Cleaning

The big news in recent weeks from BM Cleaning Services is that they have moved into new and bigger premises due to their rapid expansion and the demands of the professional deep cleaning services they now offer to commercial and industrial kitchens.

Now sited in Dalhousie Business Park, Bonnyrigg, the operation is conveniently placed to the south of Edinburgh and with easy access via the A720 and M8 to businesses in all of the central belt of Scotland.

Which is important, because when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning, the tasks can be demanding and they need a dedicated team with the right equipment. This is of a different order of magnitude compared to domestic kitchens. And when issues arise, the team needs to be able to attend rapidly.

The prime issue is the safe maintenance of extraction systems, which by law must be subject to a set minimum cleaning schedule – no wonder because they can otherwise form a serious fire risk. They are also responsible for bacterial infections if they are not kept clean and the fat and grime build-up is unchecked.

It is not a job for the faint-hearted – as our picture here shows.

The Inside Story

See the close-up photos below from a real life commercial kitchen: we have zoomed in on a duct before it was cleaned of its layer of fat, and afterwards, where it will function correctly and remain safe for a further operating period.

Before and after commercial-cleaning of a kitchen duct in an Edinburgh Kitchen

It may look like a metal bowl, but you wouldn’t want to eat off it in its first state. By the time that the BM Cleaning Services treatment had been applied, the extractor (and the rest of the ductwork) was in sparkling, wholesome condition again, and more than ready to receive its HVCA TR/19 hygiene certificate.

Don’t lose sleep over the state of your kitchens – call out the experts and make sure that you have a safe and hygienic place of work.

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