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Spring Forwards with Edinburgh Jet Wash Cleaning

Spring Forwards with Edinburgh Jet Wash Cleaning

Now that the clocks have gone forward and Spring has officially sprung (albeit on slightly rusty hinges due to the rainfall), you have the lengthening days and evenings in which to contemplate the state of your domestic or commercial parking areas, roadways, pathways, paved areas and patios.

Now be honest – are they looking at their best? Or has the winter done its worst to generate a series of undesirable blots on your outside grounds. Such as:

  • Black mould
  • Lichen
  • Moss
  • Dirt and grime in the crevices

All these and more may be present. Time then for the proverbial Spring Clean…

The Variable Power Solution

The BM Cleaning Services approach to jet washing in Edinburgh, Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland is not the all-too-prevalent one of ‘shock and awe’ – brainless heavy-duty jet washing that strips surfaces of their protective coating and lifts grouting and sand bedding. No, the BM team uses a careful system, restoring the colour and life to the stones, setts and concrete surfaces that need treatment, paying attention to the different methods needed by each material. They use gentle, professional trade detergent solutions; with just enough water power to get the job done, and without abrasiveness.

The team also gets called out to treat unwanted graffiti, the curse of the long winter nights when the ‘artists’ can act with less fear of detection. Once again, BM Cleaning Services can come to your aid and remove the eyesores.

If it’s too cheap to be true…

You may well have been seduced by DIY sheds that offer tempting deals on plastic-bodied jet washers. Speaking personally, I have bought two in the past and both have burned out their motors in no time, and in the short period that they did work, I caused expensive damage to my driveway. They are probably best confined to washing your car. Even then, just go easy on the paintwork…

As with Ben Martin’s other services – carpet cleaning and window cleaning in Edinburgh and Midlothian – jet washing can be done without calling in the professionals: but when you do call them, you’ll be glad you did. It really does make a difference.

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