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Edinburgh fires show the need for commercial kitchen cleaning

This year has already seen two well-publicised fires at catering establishments in Edinburgh alone. The incidents fortunately injured no-one. But the damage to the businesses and the likely scrutiny by fire officials will cause major problems for the managements concerned.

In the first case, on Sunday January 4th, Mexican restaurant El Cartel on Thistle Street was closed by a fire –following a 999 call at 10am, three fire engines attended until the afternoon. The street was closed all day.

STV reported in February that “the damage from the fire burned out one area of the restaurant’s kitchen and also tore through the ceiling above the kitchen into their neighbour’s flat.” A gas salamander was blamed for the blaze.

Restaurant closed for months

El Cartel in Thistle Street

It was also reported that owner Stuart McCluskey was hopeful of opening El Cartel in Thistle Street in a few months. In the event the restaurant reopened on April 22nd, so nearly 4 months of trading were lost.

Whatever the precise cause, you can be sure that safety officials will have inspected the kitchen closely and called for the extractor cleaning records. This area is one of the commonest areas for fires to start, and it can propagate and increase the intensity of a fire started by other means. Duct cleaning in Edinburgh, as elsewhere in Scotland, is an essential part of the kitchen maintenance regime. See in the picture below how the smoke billowed out of the kitchen extractor as well as from the unfortunate neighbour’s flat above.

Fire starts in kitchen ducting

Chilli Connection Indian takeaway in South Clerk Street

The other fire happened on April 2nd at the Chilli Connection Indian takeaway in South Clerk Street. The emergency call was made at about 5.30pm.

In this case, the fire did start in the kitchen’s ducting on the ground floor. So this is an example of exactly why professional kitchen extractor cleaning, such as that supplied by BM Cleaning Services’ specialist, certified team, is so essential as a preventative measure. No-one wants the danger and the financial chaos that stem from a kitchen fire.

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