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The Wide, Wild World of BM Cleaning

Looking back on the last month or so of our work schedule, we are being asked to tackle a wider and wider range of work than ever before – and in each case we’ve stepped up to the plate – or the roof – and we’ve achieved the high cleaning standard that the client needs.

Here are just a few examples:

The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed

At one of Edinburgh’s smartest restaurants, we worked through the night to clean the kitchen extraction system and issue the necessary certificate and fire report. No restaurant owner can afford to have any lost time so BM Cleaning will appear when the premises are closed.

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church

The tired carpets at St. Peter’s Church did not do justice to the beauty of the sacred building. But after a treatment with the gentle but professional water carpet cleaning system employed by BM Cleaning Services, they are back to their original colour and freshness.

lichen-covered appearance of this road crash barrier

Duddingstone Golf Club

Here’s a different one – see the amazing difference between the dirty, lichen-covered appearance of this road crash barrier at Duddingstone Golf Club, and the clean white result of our jet washing Edinburgh service. This makes the barrier highly visible once more and is a real safety aid.

professional spray foam equipment

Professional spray foam equipment

This is the sort of job that requires plenty of personal protection and professional spray foam equipment, not to mention certified training. All of which are in place when BM Cleaning Services tackles any Edinburgh kitchen extraction system cleaning project.

Extraction cleaning

Finally, here’s a vertical shot to remind you that extraction cleaning doesn’t end within the bounds of the kitchen. The ducting has to extract to somewhere away from the public and from neighbours, so we have to clean up in the air as well… All in a day’s work for the specialist Glasgow or Edinburgh kitchen extraction cleaners of BM Cleaning Services.

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