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Autumn Leaves

The Autumn Leaves – what they do to your gutters and driveways

Sadly, the Summer will soon be behind us and we need to think ahead to the Autumn, or as our American cousins accurately describe it, The Fall…

Edinburgh gutter cleaning specialist BM Cleaning Services is already busy with appointments from forward-thinking clients. Get ahead of the rush and book your cleaning session now.

Tenement Trauma

Tenement landlords know that they need to maintain their blocks’ gutters, or the result can be tenant complaints, damp ingress and rising repair costs if the gutters warp, block or fail completely.

Do you know whether your gutters are already growing a crop of weeds like this unfortunate site?

Autumn Leaves in Edinburgh

Note how high the eaves are – would you ever tackle such an elevation?
Fortunately, it’s all in a day’s work for the Edinburgh BM Cleaning Services team, working across a wide region.

And just to prove it, here is the van in front of the blocks:

Ben Martin Van

Slipping and-a sliding…

It’s bad enough if it’s your own private driveway, path or patio, but dangerously slimy outdoor surfaces are disastrous for commercial landlords and businesses – they must build a professional driveway cleaning service into their calendar at this time of year when leaf fall soon adds to lichen and moss to create a slippery nightmare.

Clean driveway

As a quick reckoner, have a look out at your drive or parking area – how does it compare with this?

No, it’s not a trick picture using newly-laid paviours – it is an ‘after’ picture showing what BM Cleaning Services drive cleaners can do. Prices for driveway cleaning and sanding start from just £99 plus VAT for a 2-car driveway – a small price to pay for:

  • Kerb appeal (especially if you are selling)
  • Safety and security (for the young and old especially)
  • Avoidance of any lawsuits
  • Lengthening of the surface’s life

So be proactive – get some rapid response from the BM Cleaning Services Edinburgh based experts.

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