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Household Carpet Cleaning

At least every year to 18 months (more often if you have pets, you smoke or you have allergy sufferers), you should have your carpets cleaned to maintain their looks, prolong their life and make them safe for all users.

Regular vacuuming is important but it is only partially effective. The filters in most domestic machines do not catch all of the minute pathogens that can build up in carpets. If you do not invest in proper deep carpet cleaning on a regular basis then your favourite rugs and fitted carpets are at risk: and so are you and the other inhabitants of the building. A range of beetle, flea and other larvae love to use carpets as a breeding ground and it is necessary to fight to (literally) keep on top of them.

You must have the carpets cleaned with the right wet carpet cleaning system. Homeowners and landlords alike should take heed.

But if you attempt DIY carpet cleaning, you are doomed to failure. Leave it to the experts of BM Cleaning Services, with their Hot Water professional system, and your carpets will be truly renovated.

Hot Water Extraction is considered by the vast majority of industry experts to be the best method for achieving a proper deep clean. In fact, it is the only commonly-accepted system that is genuinely capable of deep cleaning carpets.

Practically every carpet manufacturer in the world recommends the use of BM Cleaning Services’ cleaning technology. Used properly by experts (don’t try this at home), it is a very safe and extremely effective method.


How safe is your carpet?

Are you safe to be let loose on a water-using carpet cleaning device? The answer (unless you have been professionally trained to handle one, and you know the difference between cleaning a woolen and an acrylic carpet as well as being able to spot and cope with any failings in the carpet’s installation) is probably ‘no’.

So don’t expose your expensive and important asset to inexpert treatment. Why try to save a few pounds on an annual carpet deep clean and risk ruining it?

Not only are BM Cleaning Services approved by the Safecontractor Scheme, but we are also insured against all major hazards – and we know what we are doing because we are a very experienced Edinburgh carpet cleaning contractor.

Don’t take a chance on some new odd jobber who has hired a machine for the day and hasn’t ever read the manual, let alone learned through on-the-job training on commercial and domestic carpet installations, as we have.


Commercial carpet cleaning

This requires a greater capacity to handle larger areas, and experience in handling office and shop premises; and BM Cleaning Services is very capable when it comes to such contract carpet cleaning work.

The carpet cleaning often has to be done out of hours or be arranged so that it does not interfere with the smooth running of your business: we understand that and we work this way with many businesses in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We will discuss and agree with you how and when the carpet cleaning is to be carried out.

Ask us for a no-obligation quote for your office carpet cleaning, or for your shop carpet cleaning contract.


Never too big, never too small

Sometimes people wrongly feel that because we handle big business carpet cleaning contracts, we must be too expensive for Edinburgh house carpet cleaning: or just not interested in the smaller jobs. Not a bit of it.

Big or small, domestic or commercial carpet cleaning: you won’t find BM Cleaning Services the most expensive, that’s for sure. But you also won’t find us the cheapest – and that’s because we have a professional set-up with a trained team and the right equipment. We’re in it for the long term – and if you want your carpet to last for a long term, then that’s the way you will achieve it. Come to the best carpet cleaners Edinburgh has to offer: come to Ben Martin’s team at BM Cleaning Services.

So for the best household & commercial carpet cleaning results that people will really notice, and that will grant a longer lifespan to your carpets, you know who to come to…


…come to BM Cleaning Services

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