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The Wide, Wild World of BM Cleaning

Looking back on the last month or so of our work schedule, we are being asked to tackle a wider and wider range of work than ever before – and in each case we’ve stepped up to the plate – or the roof – and we’ve achieved the high cleaning standard that the client needs..
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Cowboy Carpet Cleaners raise a stink…

What have we done for you lately? Well, we’ve been lifting the rug on rogue traders. To be specific, we’ve been really busy righting the wrongs done to householders by cowboy so-called carpet cleaners. In fact, if BBC Scotland wants to get in touch with us at BM Cleaning Services, there could be a new.

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Carpet Cleaning that really floats your boat…

When you are professional carpet cleaners, you soon become used to the sight of post-party house carpeting – and it’s rarely a pretty picture. Imagine how much worse it gets in commercial premises. We’ve all visited pubs where your shoes stick to the floor, and we can probably appreciate why many companies opt for patterned.

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