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Gutter cleaning in Edinburgh

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Gutter cleaning

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is an expensive approach – you may not see the contents of your gutters from below, but if gutter unblocking is not regularly carried out, it can lead to expensive remedial work. Unattended and cosmetically poor guttering can also reduce the value of your property.

If you don’t have someone unblocking gutters for you (especially after each leaf fall season), your building may be storing up problems such as –

  • Damaged plaster-work
  • Rotten fascia boards and soffits
  • Redecoration costs
  • Stained pathways and brickwork from dripping blocked gutters
  • Extensive gutter repairs requiring costly scaffolding or access equipment

A further consideration is what happens when your down-pipe becomes blocked due to an unattended gutter. This will always happen in the most inconvenient place where the pipe changes direction, often out of reach. Have you seen the call-out and hourly charges made by Edinburgh plumbers and drain cleaning companies? Preventative gutter unblocking is the best and most economical policy.


Household Gutter Cleaning

Don’t keep putting it off – we can avoid you storing up problems in the exterior of your home. For most householders, gutters are unreachable and even if you have extending ladders, it is a risky business trying to use them.

If you are a landlord, the chance of your tenants doing any gutter cleaning is zero. You are responsible for the building fabric, and you want to avoid call-outs and unexpected repairs.

What happens if you do no gutter unblocking? Water that cannot run away as intended will find its way onto and into the fabric of your house. Often it runs down the walls, penetrates brickwork and grouting, seeps under plaster-work causing ‘blown plaster’, and creates nasty penetrating damp on inside walls. This results in ruined finishes and dangers from black mould spores.

Your fascias and soffits will also tend to suffer as paintwork fails and damp rots the wood; repairs are costly. And the gutters themselves become over-weighted and fail at their joints, requiring replacement.

‘Down in the gutter’ is an expression we use when things could hardly get worse. And you may not associate it with what goes on up in your elevated guttering. But who knows what lurks up there, and what problems you might be storing up by ignoring it or hoping it will take care of itself.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, do you really want to be homing a family of birds? And once a nest becomes established, do you want to have to be the one to make the inhabitants homeless?

Or you could easily find yourself growing a set of unwanted alternatives to a window box, only these will often be out of your reach – just let sludge build up in a gutter and it will soon generate a healthy growth of weeds – and be sure that their roots will exploit wherever they can find a chink in the armour of your guttering.

Can you push water uphill?

This can happen very easily. Gutters work on very light gradients and if not properly installed, or when they have sagged a bit or been twisted or otherwise disturbed by ladders being leant against them, they will hold water (whose weight can further exacerbate the problem). As we know, unaided water will not go uphill. This in itself is a problem, but meanwhile in other parts of the guttering run it can lead to dry sections that will soon harbour wildlife and wild plants.

Then you must also spare a thought for your downpipe. Get a blockage there and it will spring leaks that mean you will be creating your very own water feature – but not in a good way…

All of which means that if you do not let BM Cleaning Services give your gutters the right amount of attention, you will simply be pouring money down the drain.

All in all, be it up top or down below, Edinburgh gutter cleaning and drainpipe cleaning means BM Cleaning Services.


Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Commercial and industrial premises often have the most awkwardly-sited gutters. And in any event, you can’t call upon your (uninsured) employees to check and clean them. Unless you want to start doing risk assessments and providing safe working at height protection measures…

Avoid all this and arrange a planned, timed service with BM Cleaning Services, and wherever your building is in Edinburgh and Midlothians, you’ve got it covered.


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