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The Wide, Wild World of BM Cleaning

Looking back on the last month or so of our work schedule, we are being asked to tackle a wider and wider range of work than ever before – and in each case we’ve stepped up to the plate – or the roof – and we’ve achieved the high cleaning standard that the client needs..
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Spring Forwards with Edinburgh Jet Wash Cleaning

Spring Forwards with Edinburgh Jet Wash Cleaning Now that the clocks have gone forward and Spring has officially sprung (albeit on slightly rusty hinges due to the rainfall), you have the lengthening days and evenings in which to contemplate the state of your domestic or commercial parking areas, roadways, pathways, paved areas and patios. Now.

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Picture for Edinburgh’s new commercial kitchen cleaning base

Edinburgh’s new commercial kitchen cleaning base

The big news in recent weeks from BM Cleaning Services is that they have moved into new and bigger premises due to their rapid expansion and the demands of the professional deep cleaning services they now offer to commercial and industrial kitchens. Now sited in Dalhousie Business Park, Bonnyrigg, the operation is conveniently placed to.

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Saving uPVC windows from an early grave…

At Edinburgh’s BM Cleaning Services we clean a lot of uPVC windows and conservatory frames. It is one of our specialities, where we take care to use only delicate but effective trade cleaning agents that will not damage the thin outer shell and expose the innards to the elements, which is a sure way to.

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Picture for News from the Edinburgh Gutter Press

News from the Edinburgh Gutter Press

When tabloid newspapers rake the muck they are of course described as ‘gutter press’, for the way they wade around in the muck below. But there is more than one type of gutter and there is a higher calling – and it is to be found in the intrepid work of Ben Martin and his.

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Itching for a cleaner carpet?

In Edinburgh, it’s not a case of Spring Cleaning, it’s a need for Summer Cleaning – to prepare for the season-long series of Festivals that starts with the Film Festival in June and finishes with the Mela at the end of August. But it is of course the Fringe and the Tattoo in the first.

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Jet washing – don’t try this at home

As we at BM Cleaning Services often point out to trigger-happy customers with their own jet washing machine, DIY can often be DIB – doing it badly. We encounter any number of cases where people have stripped away grouting or mortar and given themselves a hefty bill for re-pointing walls, driveways and paths. Worse still,.

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Picture for Guttering under the weather: Gutter cleaning

Guttering under the weather: Gutter cleaning

In and around Edinburgh, as elsewhere, the weather has been the major topic of conversation for most of us for what seems like months. The effects on the structure of buildings have been severe – high winds and driving rain have taken their toll on roof tiles, dislodging and sending many flying. What is often.

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Picture for Power Washing that cleans deep down

Power Washing that cleans deep down

Remember the days when washing powder adverts continually trumpeted even whiter whites than ever before, as if they had invented some new wonder formula every few months? Well, with the advent of power washing Edinburgh has had a true facelift – the technology has brought about the sort of genuine revolution in outside surface cleaning.

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Picture for Cowboy Carpet Cleaners raise a stink…

Cowboy Carpet Cleaners raise a stink…

What have we done for you lately? Well, we’ve been lifting the rug on rogue traders. To be specific, we’ve been really busy righting the wrongs done to householders by cowboy so-called carpet cleaners. In fact, if BBC Scotland wants to get in touch with us at BM Cleaning Services, there could be a new.

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Carpet Cleaning that really floats your boat…

When you are professional carpet cleaners, you soon become used to the sight of post-party house carpeting – and it’s rarely a pretty picture. Imagine how much worse it gets in commercial premises. We’ve all visited pubs where your shoes stick to the floor, and we can probably appreciate why many companies opt for patterned.

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What We See in Your Windows: Window cleaning

The great George Formby was singing long ago of the delights of using his job to see all sorts of things that he shouldn’t from the vantage point of his ladder. Modern-day Window Cleaning Edinburgh Style Nowadays at BM Cleaning Services we do use ladders when required, but as far as possible we use the.

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Picture for How NOT to clean uPVC

How NOT to clean uPVC

Window, door and conservatory companies have promoted uPVC over more traditional materials for so many years now that we are conditioned to thinking that this is a wonder material – it never fades, rots, deteriorates or suffers the effects of the weather in any way. Well, yes – up to a point. Those who have.

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Picture for What’s Eating Your Carpet?

What’s Eating Your Carpet?

You may think that your carpets and rugs are OK. You vacuum them from time to time. But what is really going on under the surface? The truth is that your carpeting is a living, breathing thing, often in ways that are bad for you and for your household. David Attenborough could get a whole.

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