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Power washing & Driveway cleaning

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Power washing & Driveway cleaning services

Driveways, paths and terraces with brickwork, stone slabs, blockwork or concrete will, if left unattended, often develop lichen, attract slimy mould, or just get grimy, discoloured and dull.

Never fear because BM Cleaning Services can be relied upon to revitalise these surfaces, with our power washing service.

Removing the grime and growths will bring the original colour and life back to concrete, patio slabs or block paving. Not only does it greatly improve the appearance of the area, but it also prevents the surface becoming slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Your driveway is the first thing that people see – and remember the words of the TV pundits – your property should have ‘kerb appeal’. Our driveway cleaning service will ensure that your visitors are suitably impressed.

To use a well-worn but in this case apt phrase, ‘you never get a second chance to make a good first impression’. When they step through your front gate, or look down as they get out of the car in your driveway, what do your visitors see?

Be honest now. Tired, deteriorating slabs? Grimy cement? Brickwork or setts that have seen better days? This is all too often the case. But it need not be like this.

You may be amazed at how a well-applied power wash treatment can transform paved surfaces, and take years off their appearance. Surely you would rather bring life back to what you have, rather than have to endure the expense of a total replacement?


If you are a ‘buy to let’ owner, maybe of a group of properties, you know the importance of making your money go as far as possible. You do not want to go to the expense of making capital outlays that are unnecessary and that do not significantly add to the rent that you can achieve.

With BM Cleaning Services on the premises for a regular contracted servicing visit, you not only ensure that you have the window cleaning and carpet cleaning covered: you can also make sure that the paths and drives are safe and above all, looking good without spending a fortune. Save the capital outlay for bathrooms, kitchens and the other internal issues that will maximise your rental return.

You can also look forward to a more peaceful time because you will have less calls from tenants unhappy with the state of the paths, not to mention the windows, carpets, solar panels or conservatory – all of them can be covered when you call on BM Cleaning Services of Edinburgh.

Graffiti Removal

Walls that have been subject to graffiti are an ugly eyesore, and brickwork cleaning in particular is very difficult to do by yourself.

Graffiti removal from brick and concrete surfaces can be carried out with special chemicals, using our power washing anti-graffiti service.

Unsafe DIY

In the wrong hands, jet washing machinery can be dangerous. Buy or hire a machine and it is all too easy to damage your surfaces, remove protective or decorative coatings and break up grouting so that you have to get expensive repair work done. These machines often fail from misuse or lack of servicing.

Instead, trust to the experts for a job well done. We can even jet wash machinery, helping to keep it in good working order and potentially extending its life.

Expert Power Washing in Edinburgh

If you have a business in Edinburgh and Midlothian, then consider a regular power washing contract with BM Cleaning Services, to keep your pedestrian walkways safe and attractive. You have a duty of care towards your staff and visitors, and this is an easy way to meet your obligations without having to worry about them.

Power washing – leave it in the hands of BM Cleaning Services

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