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Solar panel cleaning in Edinburgh

Solar panels on a roof

Don’t lose up to 25% of your power by not cleaning your solar panels!
Protect your warranty!

Most manufacturers recommend the cleaning of your solar panels every 6 months. It’s logical – when you are harnessing the sun’s power, you will get poor results if the sun can’t reach the liquid in the system to heat it.

Edinburgh may not always be sunny… but even in cloudy conditions the solar panels should be working to put heat into your water system.

That is why Solar Panel Cleaning is a necessary part of the system’s maintenance and why all manufacturers require the cleaning of your solar panels to maintain their warranty. So improve solar panel output; maximise your system’s full potential; and protect your investment.

Self cleaning solar panels
– the myth

Too many people assume their solar panels are non-moving parts that look after themselves and that in the Scottish climate they will self-clean when it rains. But rain, especially in cities like Edinburgh, carries dirt within it and inevitably that is deposited on your building surfaces.

Just look at your car: is the windscreen clean after a shower? Or do you need to use the wipers and washers to be able to see out clearly again? Like your solar panels, the windscreen is at an angle and it cannot shrug off grime as easily as vertical house windows – and as we know, you also need BM Cleaning Services to clean those on a regular basis

Save money

In most cases the money you can save by keeping the system’s surface clean pays for the cost of the cleaning service: it even puts money back into your pocket. Dirty panels mean serious energy input loss. So improve solar panel efficiency: call BM Cleaning Services to service your system and start taking advantage of it working as the manufacturer intended.

Don’t be in the dark

Because solar panels can only work in the daytime, they have a limited window of opportunity to – well – ‘shine’. If you don’t keep them in tip-top condition you will be disappointed by the results in terms of the heat of your water and also the promised reduction in your electricity bills. And what’s more, if you have set your system up so as to return energy to the Grid and make some money thereby, you have even more incentive to make sure the panels are as efficient as they can be.

So set up a regular contract for the BM Cleaning Services Edinburgh solar panel cleaning service. And let your panels show their faces properly.

‘Here comes the sun’

The investment you make in solar heating is not insignificant. It is an excellent thing to do, being very environmentally sound and capturing Nature’s primary energy source with only one electric motor to pump the coolant around – and that is covered many times over by the power that should be generated.

It is nevertheless an investment that takes some years to pay back, and that time period will be significantly affected by the cleanliness of the panel surfaces.

So if you want to maintain a sunnier disposition, the smart investment with the quick payback is to take out a BM Cleaning Services solar panel cleaning contract.


Call out BM Cleaning Services – and let the sun come in…

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