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UPVC & Conservatory roof cleaning

UPVC & Conservatory roof cleaning services

Adding a conservatory is one of the most popular ways to extend and to add value to a house. But it is by no means maintenance-free. Wooden, and even UPVC, frames need cleaning to avoid rapid deterioration. If you let the fabric, and in particular the glazing, fall into disrepair, the conservatory can become an eyesore.

A regular conservatory roof cleaning programme from BM Cleaning Services will keep it in tip-top condition and ensure that it looks great both inside and out.

Our service includes:

  • Conservatory and Roof Frames
  • Window Frames
  • Soffits and Fascia Boards
  • Guttering and Down Pipes

Many conservatories have plastic roofs for lightness and resistance to breakage. These roof panels and frames must not be walked upon: uPVC roof cleaning and the treatment of polycarbonate sheeting is not to be left in the hands of amateurs. But if left untreated, your roof will generate green algae as well as dirt, ruining the appearance of the conservatory from outside and restricting the light and warmth for those within. The services of a professional conservatory roof cleaner are a must.

Of course we clean the glass windows – that’s what we are best known for, after all – and we take care of the often-neglected fascia boards and unblock any problems in the gutter. Don’t forget that a conservatory roof is a large extra run-off area for leaves and muck, and they will soon clog up guttering and pipework.

And we go further – we do not ignore your uPVC frames around the conservatory (or elsewhere in your house). These are most certainly not maintenance-free and neglected plastic frames often discolour. If you attempt to clean them with household cleaners or solvents, they will suffer badly. Instead, our uPVC Cleaning Services combine expert knowledge and gentle, effective cleaners, to do the job properly. And anyway, haven’t you got better things to do? Like relaxing in your conservatory and admiring the crystal-clear views?

Lean-to woes?

Your extension may be more a lean-to outbuilding than a conservatory, but leave it to its own devices and it may well end up leaning out of true. Lightweight wooden, plastic and aluminium structures with glass or plastic panels are innately more fragile and prone to damage and premature failure than the main fabric of your house.

So don’t leave your outbuilding out in the cold. It needs cleaning by a specialist, because you can probably not reach all the surfaces with your limited equipment: and you must certainly not attempt to lean a ladder against the structure. You will end up endangering yourself as well as the structure, and you can do physical harm to it and you.

Using extending poles filled with crystal clear, ionised and filtered water to clean the glass, plus benign but effective cleaners as necessary on your frames and roof, BM Cleaning Services will treat your lean-to from the ground, until it is thoroughly clean from the ground up to its join with the main building: and that’s why we should be your first choice for Edinburgh outbuilding cleaning.


Leak detection

One of the most common problems with conservatories and outbuildings generally is that they spring leaks, and it can be hard to locate the precise place where water is getting in and to find out why.

Whilst we do not claim to offer a building repair service, we do often find ourselves advising householders when we spot water ingress or even failings in the structure that are likely to lead to the problem some time soon. That sort of advice can be worth a lot of money and can ensure that you stay on top of your building maintenance. The sort of problems that we see include flashing that is curling or breaking up: dried-up silicon beading: ill-fitting frames and panes: rotting fascia boards and other woodwork: and peeling paintwork.

It’s all in a day’s work for the BM Cleaning Services’ Edinburgh conservatory cleaning team.

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